POWER LECTURES for Creating Effective Leaders & Teams


Gloria lecturing

  • Managers who want to advance their Leaders & Teams in Organizations with lunch and learn, topic series or off-site
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs and independents who want to start or grow their business
  • Conferences and groups who want to inspire leaders and business owners

Sample Lecture Topics:

  • The Leader I Am: Intro workshop to inspire leadership in each person.  Based on creating great relationships.  Developing the 3 intelligence's: emotional, social and organizational intelligence. Rooted in solving the 5 challenges of every entrepreneur for business acceleration.
  • 5 Basic Ingredients of Great Communication: Raise awareness of the 5 coGloria facilitating workshop-active contexts to improve communication for marketing, sales, customer and internal relationships and success
  • Origami Magic Pinwheel Workshop for 21st Century Leadership: Improve self promotion, influence and daring for leaders and workers. Rate the 8 attributes to BE and DO in your business and job! With origami we build and unfold our natural energies and strengths
  • How to Measure Team Effectiveness: We've all been part of a great team experience and understand what makes them great...  What are the 14 ingredients for measuring your team's effectiveness?
  • 4 Toxins Preventing Great Relationships: What are the 4 relationship toxins that effect your team and relations and how to handle the triggers...Workshop in action

Lectures are tailored to focus on your specific issues, like:

  • Personal organization and time management
  • Improving decision making
  • Managing continuous change more positively
  • Better and more constructive communication
  • Working with diversity, multiple cultures and disciplines
  • Aligning shared purpose and vision for collaborative work

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“Gloria is a wonderful person to collaborate and a great professional to work with. She keeps her communications very clear and is a good listener. She strives to provide maximum value. I strongly recommend her.”

- Siva Sai Kolluru, Managing Director, AskOnline Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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