Marketing Consulting and Coaching Feedback

Great results. Satisfied customers....

“Gloria is an excellent consultant. Her work was always highly evaluated by the company and her customers. Gloria provided very detailed and creative thoughts at everything she did”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

- Dorit Goldman, VP Human Relations, TEVA API and Comverse Sales

Serious professional and fun to work with.…

“Gloria is a serious professional and fun to work with. She has years of experience in hi-tech, tremendous intuition, and high energy, all of which she can draw on to work with clients in achieving their defined objectives.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

- Gail Steiger, Software Developer

Personable, Expert, High Integrity.…

“Gloria has ample personal experience in the hi-tech industry, which enabled her to relate very well to the issues, and questions I have raised during our sessions. Gloria has assisted me very much in understanding my priorities, the things that matter to me most both in my career as well as in life in general and particularly work-life balance. My sessions with Gloria have been a very efficient way for me to reflect upon different things I have come across and figure out how I feel about them as well as what/if I need to act as a result of such events and that has enabled me to improve my point of view and attitude towards my family and career.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

- Ran Lev, Director Project Management at Telmap

Real professional, Great Results.…

“Gloria is a real professional, and I enjoy working with her. I gain a lot from the coaching sessions. The tools and techniques I learned gave me a lot in everyday life, and I am sure they will help me more in the future. I highly recommend Gloria's training to anyone who is interested in upgrading his or her own self.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

- Alexander Zaidelson, Entrepreneur, Head of Product Management

High Integrity, Creative.…

“Gloria helped me re-imagine and work toward a new future during a time of difficult transition in my career focus. Vital and positive, Gloria has flexibility to accept you and work with you where you at present, while helping you to discover and recognize your talents and strengths. She nurtures and encourages growth of your essential, true self. Gloria helped me set concrete and realistic goals week-by-week, and then provided accountability to keep me on track. Gloria helped me find and re-kindle my sense of joy in work, in self, in life. I highly recommend Gloria as a business and life coach for entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals.”  Top qualities: On Time , High Integrity , Creative

- Jeanette de Richemond, Entrepreneur, Writer, PhD Student & Lecturer/Researcher

Trustworthy mentor.…

“On occasion we find ourselves at that critical juncture in life where a helping hand and a focused view are just what we need to jump up from a plateau and reach the next level. When I found myself at such a crossroads, I turned to Gloria. Gloria and I go back to Comverse, where she led the unit where I worked. From those times, I learned to see her as a competent and trustworthy mentor. When I found out that she was a personal life coach, the choice for me was clear. Challenging me, getting me to create value-based goals, rather than objectives for their own sake, and becoming my personal champion, Gloria's intelligence, empathy and credibility brought me far beyond where I had expected to go in my coaching sessions. Indeed, I signed up for a limited time, but found myself renewing. Personal life coaching with Gloria is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I have more confidence than ever that I will achieve my goals and realize my dreams. I highly recommend her.” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

- Andre Liss, Hi-Tech Manager, Budding Entrepreneur

Great vigor, commitment and focus.…

“Gloria is a person of great vigor, commitment and focus. Working with her for the last 6 months has been an eye opener for me. I have, through her coaching and counseling, been able to re-energize myself where needed, direct those energies in a forceful and positive manner and expanded my horizons and views. She is always empathetic and understanding and her guidance has been of inestimable value to me. I believe that anyone who works with Gloria will come out of the experience with a great deal of benefit and fervor for the future. I highly recommend her.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

- Eileen Karpel, Entrepreneur, Recruiting Industry

Helping make transition.…

“Gloria has been very beneficial in helping me make the transition of closing my business and entering a new phase of my life. Her life experiences have helped me not only from a business standpoint but from a personal one as well. I would certainly recommend Gloria for anyone needing guidance through a changing and challenging time in their life.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

- Kirk Berry, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner

Challenge in container of love and respect.…

“Gloria, you are a pearl! ... Your support for me personally was so heart warming. You coached me, kicked my bud, and challenged me and all that in a container of love and respect. Thank you for walking this path with me and we will stay connected!!”

- Alex Verlek van Tienhoven , Life & Marketing Coach & HR Consultant



Leading Writing and Documentation Feedback

Instituting knowledge management and documentation in global hi-tech.

“I worked with with Gloria for more than 2 years. Gloria is energetic, dedicated and persistent, and has enough will power to attack seemingly impossible projects!”

- Avner Shoshany, VP Technology Platforms & Performance, FIS Software


“Take a Vision and transfer it to Successes in the organization" this is Gloria's specialty. A sharp, Energetic, and very Smart lady, which I can only wish I will have the opportunity to work with her in the future.”

- Coby Golowinski, Knowledge Manager, FIS Software



“Gloria excels at taking a longer-term vision and gradually driving towards it via measured steps at the "coal face." She is a high-energy individual who drives her team and interacts with her stakeholders with very high motivation. Gloria demonstrates a high degree of resourcefulness and creativity in her work, and has achieved significant progress with very limited resources and within a relatively short timeframe. I will be very pleased to work with her again in the future, if the opportunity arises.”

- Dror Orbach, Chief Product Officer, FIS Software


“Gloria is quick, smart and intuitive with lots of energy. She was able to move the FIS knowledge management and documentation arm from 3 separate regional geographies to start working as one global entity. This required patience, focus and integrative work with the various cultures and management styles across the FIS organization. Gloria brought these entities together via bottom-up implementation planning within a short time frame together with the necessary IT infrastructure. I was impressed with Gloria's drive, enthusiasm and vast knowledge and enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend her to anyone requiring a person to direct a project through change or to help in initiation or interim projects.”

- Moshe Shamir, VP Marketing, FIS Software


“During the last 2 years I have been working with Gloria at the same department. I found Gloria as a very motivated manager, very likeable and nice to work with on her subordinates, colleagues and superiors; willing to support tasks that are not always within her area of jurisdiction, open minded and willing to learn new things and implement them. During this time she has successfully implemented the MOSS and managed to leverage Knowledge Management within the company. The feedback within the company regarding her projects was very positive. Based on all of this I would warmly recommend Gloria.”

- Muki Tomashin, Director, FIS Software LTD.


“Gloria is highly motivated and a hard worker who is highly appreciated in the company. She has vast knowledge and experience in the areas under her responsibility and has succeeded to make a real change and progress which we all enjoy in our daily life.”


- Faye Rousso, Analyst Relations and Market Research Director, FIS Software



Effective Teamwork and Training Feedback

Bringing Leadership to its next step in the global organization.…

“Gloria is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented manager who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches. With her patience and enthusiasm she was always there to teach and guide her colleagues and subordinates. Gloria possesses excellent communication skills, and I found her approach and dedication, along with her vast experience in the field a true asset to the Product division and the company as a whole. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Gloria again in the future.”

- Sivan Rosenberg, HR & Staff development, FIS Software


“I had the pleasure to work with Gloria on a few initiatives and learnt new insights on how to manage projects & initiatives successfully. Particularly Gloria’s experience of employee engagement and communication sessions. Using enthusiasm, vision and dedication Gloria achieved great things. The successful introduction and more importantly the successful ‘use’ of a global knowledge portal was a major milestone in FIS history thanks to Gloria's commitment. I loved Gloria’s drive, consistent enthusiasm and positive mindset. Gloria will bring a lot to any role or position.”

- Tom Sutherland, HR Training Manager, FIS Software Ltd


“Gloria Kinrot was introduced as someone to assist in formulating a plan for Leadership Development. What we soon discovered is that Gloria is a dynamic, future oriented thinker who has the ability to listen, organize the thoughts of many individuals and prepare appropriate professional material. Gloria‘s enthusiasm for our project energized our Committee to formulate an action plan which is now implementing within our Executive Committee. Gloria was the spark that made it all come together – we greatly appreciate her talents.”

- Phyllis Levinson, Chair of Hadassah-Israel Strategic Steering Committee

“Gloria Kinrot conducted executive coaching sessions for the vice-presidents of Hadassah-Israel. The sessions were extremely well focused and the impact on the work of our organization has been felt in the interaction between the vice-presidents and with their relationship with the chapters for which they are responsible. Ms. Kinrot has a delightful personality and her approach is both friendly and businesslike. I strongly recommend her.”

- Norma Potashnick, President, Hadassah-Israel

“I had the pleasure of working with Gloria Kinrot, who provided executive team coaching for the regional Vice-Presidents of our organization over a period of 7 months. The coaching focused on their functions as mentors of the Chapters for which they are responsible plus their interaction with each other in order to strengthen the Chapters themselves and their connection to the National Office. Gloria was unstinting of her time and her patience. Her manner is extremely pleasing and the sessions were always on track but not pressured. She kept the focus on our organizational goals and each executive's development for step-wise advancement. We are already seeing the results of Gloria's work with the executive committee of Hadassah-Israel. I wholeheartedly recommend her, as do the regional Vice-Presidents, as well-qualified for any position within her area of expertise.”

- Lona Lehr, Head of Projects & Development


“Gloria has done wonders in FIS. She created an excellent infrastructure from nothing, to maintain the knowledge management in our company. The outcome of her work is tremendously significant to our daily work nowadays.”

- Itay Wein, Project technical manager, FIS

“Gloria was my manager for more than a year. It was refreshing and always interesting being managed by her. Working with Gloria is a very good and inviting platform for on going innovations. Gloria is a creative, bright and open-minded person and manager; she always sees and enhances the positive aspects of any coming change.”

- Michal Chozev, Training Development Manager, FIS Software



“Gloria is a serious professional and fun to work with. She has years of experience in hi-tech, tremendous intuition, and high energy, all of which she can draw on to work with clients in achieving their defined objectives.”

- Gail Steiger, Software Developer

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